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mischievous zorua by leon2365
mischievous zorua
A zorua looking on mischievously.

My best one yet, and my team lead said she thought it was "so cute!"
not my pen by leon2365
not my pen
A co worker borrowed my pen the other day and never gave it back.

I borrowed a pen from elsewhere. It SUCKS for drawing.

This is all i could manage with it.

A zoroark holding up its hand (paw?) towards you.



United States
I have walked among men and angels, for three thousand years. Time... has no end... No beginning... No purpose. I wander the earth. Seeking forgiveness for my horrible crimes and against god and man. I wish to seek death, destruction. Evil, over the light. But the light cannot be extinguished. I live in a prison of my own demise. I am lost... in time.

Wow. Its been forever since i last submitted or even made any drawings.

Going to try and get back into it. I got a new scanner, so any paper drawings will most likely look better than the post it pictures which were taken with my phone camera.

Also, work takes a big part of my life now, so most of the stuff i submit will probably be stuff i drew while on breaks/lunches, or when work was slow and nothing was happening.

Hope everyone enjoys them.

Have a nice day.

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by a LONG shot.
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YEA i'm first.
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